Landing in the dark: Crew-1 crew finally returns to Earth

Redaction 03/05/2021 21:26 PM, updated 03/05/2021 21:27 PM

After more than five months in International Space Station, four astronauts returned to the planet Land. They accommodated themselves in the Crew Dragon Resilience capsule with the help of their companions at the station, and soon afterwards, the return journey began, which lasted 6 and a half hours.

The most challenging moment of the mission was the re-entry into the atmosphere from the earth. Seen from here, the capsule looked like a meteor. Crew Dragon entered our atmosphere at about 27.000 km / h, which is more than twenty times the speed of sound. In the most extreme stage of re-entry, the temperature can exceed 2.000 ° C. Another challenge is the loss of connection with the mission control center due to electrical instabilities.


The big parachutes worked without problems and the capsule made the splashdown in the ocean at 3 and 57 on Sunday, Brasília time.

Just before dawn, Mike Hopkins, Shannon Walker and Victor Glover of NASA and Soichi Noguchi of the Japanese space agency were rescued off the coast of Florida, in the United States.

Moments later, the hatch was opened by the support team, and the first to leave was the mission commander, Mike Hopkins. He showed that he was super excited about the arrival.

Over the 168 days at the station, the four astronauts focused on scientific research in microgravity and also on maintenance work, such as "spacewalks" that are spacewalks outside the ISS, with the aim of making repairs to equipment and systems.

Now, the 4 astronauts will undergo several medical examinations before meeting with families and friends.

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