Years after retiring from comics, British writer Alan Moore has announced that he will return to writing. The creator of 'Batman: The Deadly Joke ',' V for Vendetta 'and' Watchmen 'signed a major contract for two new projects with Bloomsbury - the same publisher behind the books for'Harry Potter'.

To the newspaper The Guardian, Moore celebrated the partnership with the British publisher and joked that he is "bursting with so much fiction" in his mind. “I couldn't be happier with the new home I found at Bloomsbury, a semi-legendary independent publisher with a spectacular list and a fierce commitment to expanding the empire of words. I feel it will be a very productive partnership, ”he said.


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The first project will be 'Illuminations', a collection of short stories scheduled for release between September and November 2022. Without further details, the publisher defined the book as “stunningly original” and full of “seductive and elegantly elaborated stories that reveal all the power of imagination and magic” .

The second was baptized 'Long London', which will be published in 2024. Defined by Bloomsbury as an “ambitious five-volume epic”, the story promises to pass between a 1949 London and a more futuristic version of the city that is “far beyond our knowledge”, addressing “murder , magic and madness ”. The work will be “epic and unforgettable”, according to the publisher.

Creator of several winning masterpieces awards and considered by many to be "the best writer of today", Alan Moore had retired from comics in 2019, after the completion of 'Cinema Purgatório' and 'The Extraordinary League'. In 2020, he gave a controversial interview to the portal Deadline, in which he stated that “films of Super heroes ruined the movies and even the culture itself ”.

Sources: The Guardian e Deadline

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