In full 'Star Wars Day '(“May The 4th be with you”), a Disney finally revealed, officially, the “real” retractable lightsaber that started to be developed in April. Through the social networks official channels and parks Walt Disney World, a new video was released showing the gun in action - and between us, it looks very, very incredible!

Compliant previously released rumors on the internet, the lightsaber (toy) features a retractable lighted blade that extends out of the handle (in a very real way) - as well as the pulsating energy weapons of the films and series in the universe of George Lucas. See more details in the video below:


The real lightsabers, as already announced, will be part of the luxury and interactive hotel 'Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser', all designed to look like a spaceship within Walt Disney World. The idea is to take the initial premise of the thematic areas of Galaxy's Edge park and expand it to a realistic and “gigantic level” adventure in two nights.

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However, according to Disney, the new sabers are still in development by the creative and development sector, but are likely to be ready for guests to buy when the 'Galactic Starcruiser' experience launches in 2022.

Information on the price of toy guns has not been released, but considering that each “normal” lightsaber within the 'Star Wars' attractions at Disney parks already costs $ 200 (more than $ 1), it is expected that “real” models cost something similar (if not more).

How will Disney's “real” lightsaber work?

Real Star Wars lightsaber to be released by Disney
'Star Wars': Disney officially reveals the “real” lightsaber and it's incredible. Image: Walt Disney World / Disclosure

The official announcement also doesn't go into much detail about how retractable sabers actually work, but information leaked on the internet previously they show how “the Force” acts in the patent used by Disney for the object.

First, Disney sabers will not melt metal doors or sever members. It will only be the illuminated blades that will extend and retract after the button is pressed. And the concept behind it seems to be quite simple: tape measures.

“A metal measuring tape is firm when extended over short distances. The curve in the metal provides strength and even the straightest measuring tape can be wrapped around the object's body. This is important, ”said augmented reality developer Ben Ridout on social media. He even made an animation (see below) to explain, in detail, what the lightsaber design looks like.

In art, Ridout placed two measuring tapes face to face, attached to a cap. “Then, make the tape measures wider and increase the curvature, allowing them to touch, forming a cylinder. The system works with a motor that makes the two extend and retract in sync through the button. Okay, now you have a lightsaber ”, he detailed.

The two "blades" attached together, each slightly larger than a semicircle, form the cylinder in a flexible plastic of almost transparent material. The cap at the end of the Disney product guides the tape measures out and holds them when inside the cable.

“The material also serves to spread the light, provided through a flexible tape of LED, which will be contained in the handle on a third spool and will be pulled out together when the blade is activated. As it goes up, the LED unfolds and starts to illuminate ”, added Ridout.

The entire system has a total of three reels - two for the blade strips and one for the LED, as well as a small motor to start and shut down the saber, battery and electronics. The patent also states that the saber will be more than 60 centimeters in less than a second.

Source: The Verge

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