Amazon announced that Alexa is giving personalized information and imitating characters from the 'Star Wars' saga'. The action is being carried out in celebration of 'Star Wars Day', remembered this Tuesday (“may the 4th”).

In addition to explaining the reason for the date (the English pronunciation, "May the 4th", looks like the famous phrase in the saga "May the force be with you") and other curiosities of the franchise, the artificial intelligence will have a special "good morning". In addition, 'Star Wars' fans can ask Alexa to imitate the voices of Darth Vader, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and others, just by asking: “Alexa, imitate a Star Wars character”.


Throughout the day, the assistant will also make several surprises for anyone who is passionate about the universe created by George Lucas. Check below a selection of phrases to interact with Alexa this May 4:

  • • “Alexa, Star Wars mode”
  • • “Alexa, who do you know how to imitate?”
  • • “Alexa, Star Wars phrases”
  • • “Alexa, Star Trek or Star Wars?”
  • • “Alexa, may the force be with you”
  • • “Alexa, imitate Darth Vader”
  • • “Alexa, imitate Yoda”
  • • “Alexa, imitate Luke Skywalker”
  • • “Alexa, imitate R2D2”
  • • “Alexa, imitate the C3PO”
  • • “Alexa, imitate the Chewbacca”
  • • “Alexa, imitate Princess Leia”
  • • “Alexa, I love you”
  • • “Alexa, what is Star Wars Day”
  • • “Alexa, do you like Star Wars?”
  • • “Alexa, does Star Wars have any Oscars?”
  • • “Alexa, what is the number of Star Wars awards?”

Take advantage of the occasion and make the most of Alexa's knowledge of 'Star Wars'. And know that, if the assistant does not have a ready answer, she will look for the solution in the Google and bring it first hand.

Check out some examples of Alexa's interaction with fans on social networks:

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