O Stadia lost another key executive: John Justice, according to o The Information, left Google last week. The executive responded as vice president and head of product for the cloud gaming platform, directly overseeing the console's user experience area Mountain View Company.

Although Justice has not yet updated its pages on the social networks to reflect the change, Google itself confirmed that he is no longer part of the company's staff, according to an email sent to 9to5Google by one of your spokespersons.


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Image shows John Justice, who recently left Google, during the presentation of Google Stadia. It appears in front of a screen showing details of a special edition of the cloud gaming console
John Justice participated in the launch of Stadia in November 2019, and headed the product and user experience area before leaving Google. Image: Google / Disclosure

John Justice joined Google in early 2019. In the past, the executive gave interviews in which he talked about functions that the Stadia platform was yet to receive. However, in recent months, he himself determined that this action should be reduced, in order to avoid commitments with potentially excessive promises. Since its launch in November 2019, Stadia has yet to establish itself as a viable gaming platform - losing several key executives along the way.

John Justice's departure from Google comes, ironically, in the midst of several new functions recently acquired by Stadia: last week, the cloud gaming platform finally debuted its search bar and added filtering tags for the search of games in libraries of your users. The "Explore" tab also received an activity feed and Google gave details on how, in the near future, the subscriber will be able to play their games acquired by the browser Android rather than a native app.

Internally, there is also a restructuring underway at Google: since the end of March, Prabhakar Raghavan, the senior vice president of services such as Search, Maps and Ads, has given greater authority to the area managers related to these divisions. Typically, Google divides its areas into two pillars - administrative management and engineering. Raghavan, however, wants both sides to respond to the same person.

Finally, the Google Maps sales team has been gradually moved to the Google Cloud area in order to increase revenue generation.

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