Twitter will buy Scroll, a subscription platform that charges $ 5 (R $ 27,27 in direct conversion) to remove ads from various sites with which it maintains partnerships, according to information released by both companies. The idea is to position the new acquisition next to the Revue newsletter service (that Twitter bought in January this year) and other services created “indoors” in a new umbrella of paid resources from social network.

Scroll uses a different method to block ads: basically, it handles third-party cookies, making them understand that ads should not be served to you. Think of it as a kind of “hack”, but one that news sites and platforms digital advertising they are permissive, since the Scroll passes on part of the value of your subscription to them.

GIF showing the operation of the Scroll subscription platform, which removes ads from websites you visit. Recently purchased by Twitter, Scroll charges a subscription to "clean up" your browsing of digital advertisements
Scroll operation example: for a subscription fee, it removes ads from websites you visit. Image: Scroll / Disclosure

However, the agreement signed between the two companies starts with a certain confusion: considering that the Scroll has always worked by subscription and Twitter seeks to attach it to a platform future subscription, the acquisition, at least at this moment, prevents Scroll from accepting new subscriptions.

This is quite likely to be the case, at least temporarily, while Twitter “fixes the house” to incorporate the Scroll, but at least current subscribers will not have their services stopped.

The same, however, cannot be said of Nuzzel. This is a Scroll platform that sends, daily, an email with all the main headlines shared by Twitter users. In other words, a newsletter tool, but aimed at users of the social network of microblogs instead of the headlines that head newspapers, magazines and websites.

The service will be permanently stopped on May 6, with its functions gradually being absorbed by Twitter.

According to Scroll CEO Tony Haile, "Twitter's ambition is greater than many suspect." Mike Park, vice president of products for Twitter, hinted that the Scroll and other services will be integrated into a new subscription platform, which will pay certain amounts to the authors of the newsletters triggered by Revue.

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"To that end, we plan to include the Scroll as part of a subscription offering that we are exploring," said Park. “As a Twitter subscriber, think of it as an access to premium features, where you can easily read articles from your favorite journalistic channels or a newsletter from some Revue author, with part of your subscription being directed to publishers and authors who create such content ”.

In journalistic jargon, the “publisher” is the person or company that controls the properties of a news outlet. Apparently, Twitter seems to be betting on its central position as a research route for many journalists. The social network is widely used by professionals in the sector for the publication of materials, research of sources and various other functions attributed to the profession.

The details of this new Twitter subscription platform, however, are still somewhat obscure: how much will it cost? Will it be integrated into the Twitter platform or will it have one or more dedicated apps? How will the values ​​be passed on to content creators? The network has not yet responded to all of this.