A European Union approved the first food derived from insects for human consumption. The flour is made using beetle larvae and is considered an alternative source of protein.

“Member States have approved a proposal from the European Commission, which authorizes the use of dried yellow mealworms as new food“Said the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). "It can be used as a whole dehydrated insect as a snack or as an ingredient in various food products, such as powder in protein products, cookies or pasta," he added.


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Larva-based flour is rich in nutrients

Larva flour is part of the “Do Prado ao Prato” initiative, which identifies edible foods based on the study of insects. The products derived from insects are rich in proteins and minerals and, according to the organ, can help prevent deficiencies of nutrients.

Despite being the first food of the type approved by the European Union, many countries in the bloc have already commercialized products of the type before because they understood that they were not under EFSA's food coverage.

The highest consumption of insects of Europe is in the livestock sector, where many of these foods are used to feed fish and other animals. Now, the expectation is that other similar products will be approved by the EU.

In addition to larva flour, eleven other requests for the sale of food made from insects have been submitted to the European Union. One of the most targeted markets is in protein bars for athletes.

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