Ame Digital, Americanas' super app, reached an agreement for the purchase of fintech Nexoos, startup online credit card that connects investors institutions and individuals to small and medium-sized companies. The value of the transaction was not announced by the companies.

According to Ame, the acquisition aims to accelerate the evolution of the company, which starts to operate new types of credit, including loans between people and Credit as a Service (CaaS, or Credit as a Service), in addition to, of course, expand your business front.


With over 60 thousand investors, Nexoos has as its main objective to democratize access to credit, so that entrepreneurs can invest in the growth of their activities.

Image shows a person putting coins into a piggy bank.
With acquisition, Ame Digital will be able to expand its credit offer to individuals and companies. Credit: Shutterstock

Nexoos has established itself in the market as a partnership loans between people, using the mixed financing model.

The platform works with its own technology, including the credit score system, offering individualized solutions for each client, also with the aim of offering interest rates to more competitive levels, in addition to limiting risks for the brand itself.

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The announcement of the purchase reinforces the Blazers to consolidate in the digital business.

The completion of the acquisition between Ame and Nexoos is yet to be approved by the Central Bank.

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