Edtech SoulCode Academy has partnered with Google Cloud to offer a free online course with a focus on cloud. The initiative will enable students to develop a career focused on cloud technology.

The course is aimed at students who have an interest in engineering and management careers related to cloud infrastructure, development of native applications in the cloud and data engineering.


Interested parties must register by SoulCode Academy website until May 24th. 40 students will be selected for the first class, with classes starting on June 14th.

Image illustrates digital transformation through a silhouette of two hands holding a globe made of digital networks
Registration for the free online SoulCode Academy course, in partnership with Google Cloud, runs through May 24. Credit: Shutterstock

About the program

The career preparation program for the Google Cloud is done based on the Associate Cloud modality Engineer.

The course will be taught full-time, with nine weeks duration and a total of 360 hours. There are no prerequisites, but those interested must be 18 years of age or older.

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SoulCode Academy is a school of programming Brazilian company founded in December 2020 and works with initiatives aimed at social impact and digital inclusion through the technological training of professionals.

Led by Fabrício Cardoso and Juana Pinkalsky, edtech believes that, through training in programming and bridging employability, thousands of people can support the start of their careers.