Facebook stepped up your campaign against privacy updates iOS 14.5, Apple and sent a warning to users of your app and also Instagram on iPhone. The message told customers that the information collected was to “help keep Facebook free”. 

The warnings appeared as a pop-up last Saturday (1) and were described by Facebook as "educational screens". In a note sent to the American portal The Verge, a company spokesman said they show more information about how data about personalized ads was used to improve the user experience.

A message sent to users warned that the ads help Facebook to remain free. Credit: Reproduction / Facebook

“This version of iOS requires that we request permission to track some data from this device to improve its ads. Find out how we limit the use of this information if you do not activate this device configuration ”, said the warning. 

"We use information about your activity received from other apps and websites to: show more personalized ads, help keep Facebook free, and support companies that rely on ads to reach their customers." 

What has changed?

With changes in iOS 14.5, app developers need express consent from device owners to use the Advertiser Identifier, a unique number that is shared and collected between apps. 

Developers will still be able to use other user-provided information to target ads, even if users have not allowed apps to crawl. However, this information cannot be shared for tracking advertising.

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According to Apple, if developers try to circumvent this measure or try to exchange the Identifier for Advertisers with another mechanism of the type, such as an email address, for example, this will be identified as a violation of the App Store approval requirement. These rules apply even to applications developed by Apple itself. 

Facebook Reviews

Mark Zuckerberg points to Apple as one of its main competitors. Credit: Shutterstock

On the Facebook side, Apple's updates have been widely criticized, with the argument that the changes could be detrimental to small businesses that they say use their ecosystem to reach their customers. 

Facebook also argues that Apple would be encouraging business models that are focused on subscription rather than those that use ad sales to finance themselves. According to him, this would have the potential to increase profits for Apple, which could receive a part of the amount paid in these subscriptions. 

And it’s not just today that Apple is classified as a direct competitor to Facebook: at a meeting in January, Mark Zuckerberg stated that "Apple has every incentive to use its dominant position on the platform to interfere with the way our apps and other apps work, which they do regularly to give preference to their own." 

The Facebook founder also believes that the actions taken by Apple have the potential to impact “the growth of millions of companies worldwide, including with the upcoming changes of iOS 14.5”. 

With information The Verge 

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