Anyone who works in front of the computer is certainly used to using WhatsApp Web. The version of messenger for browsers facilitates the exchange of messages and files without interrupting activities in other tabs or windows. After all, it is much easier to use the simple Alt + Tab command than to get your smartphone with each new notification.

The transfer of files the tool is also practical: just locate and select the file, drag it and play it in the desired conversation - much faster than searching the content in your library on the cell phone, for example. In contrast, WhatsApp Web allows you to download only one file at a time, annoying the most calm of professionals.


The good news is that there is a trick to download different content (photos, videos, audios, and more) at once. The trick is relatively simple and will allow files to be compressed (.zip) so that the user does not have the headache of waiting for the individual download of each content.

If you want to learn the tip to streamline daily operations on WhatsApp Web, just follow the tutorial below.

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How to download multiple files at once on WhatsApp Web

First, open WhatsApp Web and locate the conversation with the shared files. Remember that you have to wait until WhatsApp Web loads all the content before downloading it.

Now, it is necessary to analyze how the files were arranged. If they were grouped, the task becomes simple. Just click on the arrow (located in the upper right corner of the grouped content) and click on "Download all".

Downloading files simultaneously via WhatsApp Web

The browser will automatically download all the contents in a compressed file (.zip).

Zip file downloaded

However, if the uploaded files are not grouped, it will be necessary to use another method. To do this, click the arrow on one of the files again and select “Forward message”. Once this is done, select the other contents to be downloaded and click on the “Download” option, located in the lower right corner.

Download multiple audios at once on WhatsApp Web

Ready! These tricks will certainly save you a lot of time and eliminate “headaches” with the tool.

Source: UOL