Xiaomi surpassed Apple in Europe, taking second place in the ranking of manufacturers of smartphones No. old continent, according to a survey by research firm Canalys.

By the figures released in relation to the performance of companies in the first quarter of 2021 (Q1 2021), Xiaomi now holds 23% of the European market, against 19% of Apple. The leader is still the Samsung, with its 35%. In fourth and fifth place we have Oppo (4%) and Huawei (3%).


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Canalys survey shows that Xiaomi's growth in the European market threatens Apple's position in the sector. Image: Canalys / Reproduction

Other information refers to the growth of companies year by year (YoY): in Europe, Xiaomi has been increasing its size by 85%, versus 22% of the “apple”. The growth of the Chinese is the second largest of the five companies mentioned, being surpassed only by the Oppo (153%), but staying ahead of Samsung (21%) and Huawei (which has shrunk by 81%).

It is important to note, however, that Xiaomi and Apple do not have very direct competition in the European market: the first - relatively new on the continent - remained firm in the offer of entry-level and intermediary smartphones with good performance (consequently, much cheaper) , while the second - which has been operating in the region for decades - continued with its offerings to the premium audience.

However, this has been changing little by little, with the arrival of top-of-the-line smartphones from Xiaomi in key regions like the United Kingdom. In the coming years, competition is likely to be more direct, which should be reflected in the numbers.

Anyway, the information highlights a victory of Xiaomi over Apple: in the global market, the Cupertino company is still the second largest in the world, but the Chinese giant, in third place, has been closing this gap by leaps and bounds.

Although Apple is still ahead of Xiaomi on the western side of Europe, the gap has been narrowing considerably. Image: Canalys / Reproduction

When Canalys further segmented its research, limiting analyzes to western Europe, the situation changed slightly: Apple had a larger market share (25%) than Xiaomi (17%).

However, the market research firm points out that Apple's numbers show a drop, while Xiaomi's numbers bring stability. Two conclusions can be drawn here: the first is that the Asian side of the world is still responsible for Xiaomi's growth, and the second is that Apple is gradually losing ground in markets considered essential.

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