A scam is circulating on WhatsApp near Mother's Day. A message promising a fake Apothecary kit takes for a malicious link who can still ask for the victim's CPF, name and address.

This scam is not new and turn and move again appear on WhatsApp in the week of Mother's Day. In addition to stealing information, clicking the link can still install viruses on your smartphone, under no circumstances, click.


Mother's Day scam on WhatsApp

It seems silly to share this type of promotion on WhatsApp, right? Not in this case. The criminals put together such a perfect scheme that if users add an invalid social security number in the dedicated field, the promotion does not go ahead. When the CPF is recognized as valid, the system is able to identify the victim's real name.

This was not the first time that cybercriminals took advantage of the “O Boticário” brand to spread a scam through WhatsApp on Mother's Day. Herself company has already issued a statement on other occasions warning of the risks.

In order not to fall for these WhatsApp scams, on Mother's Day or any other time, keep an eye on these tips:

Do not click on suspicious links

Suspicious links (from friends via social media or email) or received from strangers can be malicious. In general, they are designed to download malware onto the user's device or direct them to phishing pages, which collect their data.

If clicking, check the link before

To view the URL, place your mouse over the link. Observe if there are errors (spelling or others) and try to recognize the veracity of the link. In case of promotions, a good practice is to access the company's official website to confirm that the campaign is genuine.