Supporters of most teams football from Brazil use social networks to hear news from their heart clubs or to interact with other fans of the sport and even with players. And one of the most successful platforms among boleiros, lately, is TikTok.

Research carried out by Ibope Repucom, a company that is part of the Ibope Pesquisa de Mídia group and works with sports marketing and sponsorship metrics, points out that the Flamengo has 2.7 million followers, being number one in the ranking.

Flamengo is the most followed Brazilian team in TikTok. / Image: TikTok screenshot

Second, comes Corinthians, which reached the mark of 1 million subscribers on its official page of the video application in April. The two biggest fans in Brazil also show themselves to be leaders on the platform.

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Palmeiras appears in third place, with 982,2 thousand followers. With that, alviverde should become the third club to exceed the margin of one million in May.

A curious fact is the difference between the first three and the others. In fourth place, São Paulo has just over 636 thousand followers. The other teams on the list of the top ten do not reach 500 thousand.

Check out the ranking:

  1. Flamengo - 2,7 million
  2. Corinthians - 1 million
  3. Palmeiras - 982,2 thousand
  4. São Paulo - 636 thousand
  5. Sport - 385,2
  6. Cruzeiro - 356,7 thousand
  7. International - 273,4 thousand
  8. Santos - 252,3 thousand
  9. Vasco da Gama - 250,5 thousand
  10. Ceará - 249,2 thousand

Teams are also successful on Instagram

In addition to TikTok, Instagram it also appears prominently among the platforms with the highest growth among Brazilian football teams in 2021. The two networks, taken together, account for two-thirds of new club registrations this year.

Flamengo has 10,3 million followers on Instagram, its most engaged network. Corinthians, with 5,5 million subscribers, is well behind the carioca. Timão's fans are more voluminous on Facebook, where the club has more than 11 million fans.

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