NFT is an acronym for “Non-fungible Token”Which, in free translation, means“ non-fungible token ”and has the function of defining originality and exclusivity of digital goods, as a kind of digital certificate. The asset gained great popularity in 2021 and is now present on eBay, one of the largest ecommerce the world.

In your official blog, eBay justified that it has always been a portal for collectors and that technological advances are changing the experience of people looking for a collection, which led the company to adopt tokens.

EBay logo plaque
eBay allows users to purchase NFTs on the platform. Images: Shutterstock

"NFT's inventory will be supplied by trusted sellers who meet our high standards, in categories such as business cards, music, entertainment and art," said the senior vice president and general manager of the e-commerce website in North America, Jordan Sweetnam.

EBay expects the sale of NFTs to be just the beginning of digital collectibles on the platform and, in the future, it expects programs, policies and tools to enable the general public to buy and sell assets more easily and confidently, across a wider range of categories. .

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Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment on eBay

In one interview with CNBC, eBay Chief Executive Jamie Iannone said the company is looking at ways to accept criptomoedas as a means of payment.

The plan does not yet have a date, but it was announced as a way to please investors of the e-commerce site, after the release of the company's profit forecast for the second quarter of the year, which generated disappointment among executives.

eBay is looking at ways to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.
Image: Shutterstock

“We are always looking for the most relevant forms of payment and we will continue to evaluate this going forward. We do not have immediate plans, but [cryptocurrency] is something we are looking at ”, said the company in a statement sent to Reuters.

eBay will expand payment management in Brazil

In order to ensure an optimized experience for its users, eBay will expand payment management in the Brazilian market in the second quarter of 2021. The company intends to offer greater flexibility in payment methods payment to your sellers and buyers.

The e-commerce platform started to manage payments in 2018 in the United States and expanded the function to Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Italy and Spain a while later. Aiming to expand this new form of business globally, the company will start operations in Brazil during the month of May.

“For sellers, this change brings a more convenient and optimized selling experience within eBay. We will make the transition in the next quarter and all of our processes have been designed with our salespeople in mind, so that they can take advantage of this novelty easily and quickly, ”said Alyssa Cutright, vice president of global payments for eBay.

The initiative to manage payments in Brazil will allow users to have greater flexibility in the means of payment, in addition to a simplified experience that is fully accompanied by eBay. While salespeople will have greater security in sales made on the platform and a single management center, with easier account management.

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