Although the long-awaited model S Plaid, from Tesla, company Elon Musk, still does not have a forecast to officially leave the automaker's garage, many enthusiasts are already giving their way to find out more information about the new car

The latter was discovered by a YouTuber, The kilowatts, which spotted tests of the model on an auto track in California. According to what he published in the Twitterapparently the S Plaid will have one retractable airfoil. See if you can also catch the news:


As it is only a prototype, it is not yet possible to know whether the retractable airfoil will be - or not - in the final version of the model. That is, the one that will be sold by the manufacturer and dealerships. It is worth remembering that the user The kilowatts it was the same that caught the first appearance of the model, in January, in Silicon Valley:

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Tesla Model S Plaid Price

final price Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 is US $ 140 thousand (R $ 735 thousand, in direct conversion). The electric motor system produces enough power to take the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in less than two seconds. And the range is impressive: the Model S 2021 can cover more than 835 km before having to stop for recharging.

The next generation of the Model S with a tri-engine Plaid system and four-wheel drive is now available for sale. Deliveries of the first units are expected to begin at the end of 2021.

Elon Musk is optimistic about the Tesla Model S Plaid. Image: CNet

Musk's expectation is that the Model S Plaid will still reduce another three seconds of that time after final adjustments before production begins. The car will begin to be delivered to buyers in late 2021.

Check out some confirmed specs for the Tesla Model S Plaid:

  • Trimotor;
  • Four-wheel drive;
  • Wheels with autonomy of 836 km;
  • Maximum speed of 320 km / h;
  • Less than two seconds to go from 0 to 96 km / h

With information Futurism, Twitter e ELECTrek/InsideEVs.