We are not crying, you are! A cosplayer from Jason Voorhees, known as SteelCityJason, shared photos on your Instagram from a visit to a young fan named Declan at Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia (USA). “Fan number 1” of the 'Friday the 13th' franchise films, the 5-year-old was, at the time, in terminal phase neuroblastoma - a very rare cancer in the adrenal glands, above the kidneys - that plagued him for about 24 months.

The artist's first visit to Declan was in September 2020, just days before the boy's fifth birthday. “I visited my little best friend with cancer, Declan. He's been fighting recently and my girlfriend and I needed to visit him. So, we did. I almost collapsed when he hugged me and said "I love you, Jason". I love you very much, little friend. And I'm praying for miracles ”, wrote the cosplayer in a post made at the time of the visit.


A few days later, as a way to celebrate the boy’s birthday, steelcity jason and several cosplayers experienced in characters from horror movies - who were the boy’s favorites - threw a party in the best style “Comic Con”In the child's parents' yard (check out some photos below). Unfortunately, in November, Declan did not resist the disease and passed away.

“Rest in peace, little friend. My heart is broken (…) All the love he received from us, local cosplayers, came from a gentle heart to make Declan's limited time absolutely fun and full of things he loves ”, said the artist. "All of you [cosplayers] have given him a memorable day."

steelcity jason he also thanked the boy's parents, Victoria Ellis and Michael McCombs, for "sharing the precious little boy with all the costumed characters he loved so much". “[Declan] was beyond priceless. We are all better people because of him, but the world is much less bright now that he passed away, ”he said. "I'm going to miss you, little man, and [the way] you chose Jason and Freddy as your heroes, because 'Jason and Freddy are not afraid of cancer, cancer is afraid of them.'

For those who don't know - and in a very short way - Jason Voorhees is the fictional killer in the series of horror movies 'Friday 13'. The character, known for wearing an ice hockey mask and a machete as his main attack weapon, made his first appearance in 1980, in the production of Sean S. Cunningham. The success was so great that it became a milestone in the pop culture, making appearances in various series, comics, music and even cartoons - not to mention the more than 30 years of films in the franchise.

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Many users on social networks, however, condemned the attitude of steelcity jason and Declan's parents for allowing a 5-year-old child to watch “bloody and murder-filled” horror films. In response, the cosplayer stated that "there is no reason to criticize the family" for such an attitude.

“I see people commenting mainly on nice things on the web, but also some negative things about the parents letting the boy watch horror movies. But, what people don't realize is that Declan was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of three (..) his parents, knowing that his life would be shortened, let him watch the terror of the 80s, because he was interested in the idea of Jason and Freddy are not afraid of anything. No one should blame or criticize them. They just allowed [Declan] to live his life for the past two years, and he wanted to watch the exaggerated terror of the 80s. He would never see it any other way, so be it. I see no reason to criticize this ”, explained the artist.

Photos taken by Jason Vonhess cosplayer while visiting the 5 year old hospital fan. Image: Instagram / Reproduction
Photos taken by Jason Voorhees cosplayer while visiting the 5 year old hospital fan.
Image: Instagram / Reproduction

Source: Dread Central

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