During Google I / O, this Tuesday (18th), Google announced a tool called “About this result” to better refine the results found by search engine. Now, the list of responses to the survey presents an option that allows the user to check the source of the information.

"Information is only useful if it is reliable and trustworthy," said Prabhakar Raghavan, senior vice president at Google, responsible for Big Tech's Research, Assistant, Geography, Ads, Commerce and Payments products.


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According to the executive, in the last year, Google received more search starting with "it's true that" than "how to make bread", for example. "People come to Google to evaluate the statements they receive, whether in conversations with friends or reading online," amended Raghavan.

For this reason, the company started to offer the credibility assessment tool of the source that appears in the search results. “About this result” started to work earlier this year. When clicking on the three points that appear next to the result, some details appear to check the site.

The list includes the description of the source, when it first indexed on Google and whether the connection to that site is secure. “This is especially important if it’s a website you’ve never heard of and want to know more about,” added the technology’s senior vice president.

Now, in May, Google started releasing “About this result” in all languages ​​found among the search results. Other languages ​​will follow. By the end of 2021, the search engine will add further details, such as the way the site describes itself, what other sources say about that site and related articles to check.

“Having access to reliable information is particularly critical at times like the (coronavirus) pandemic and breaking news. It is in these moments, and so many others, that people come to Google. In the beginning, we set up our rating system to prioritize quality content. For critical topics, like Covid-19, we take information from specialized sources, ”said Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan.

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