During the Google I/O 2021, in mountain view company announced Smart Canvas, a set of new features for Google Workspaces - the suite that includes Docs, Sheets, Slides and other office tools - in order to enhance the collaboration experience among employees of a company.

There are several novelties promised for sometime between today (18) and the end of 2021, adding features such as subtitles, new writing formats, support for emojis and other benefits. Check them all out below:


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Integrating Docs with Meet

The most evident novelty of Smart Canvas is the integration between Google Docs and other applications with the Google Meet video call tool. According to Google, you can make the transition between editing a document and presenting it in a call without interruption.

From what the company hinted, initially the editing is paralyzed when the call is in progress, being resumed afterwards. However, until the second semester, it will be possible to edit documents at the same time that you participate in a meeting with your team - as long as everything is happening through the web interface.

Finally, in the coming months, Meet will have a novelty of its own: the inclusion of automatic subtitles in four languages, including Brazilian Portuguese.

GIF shows new Smart Canvas feature in action, selecting an ongoing video call from Google Docs
Integration between Docs and Meets will arrive in the coming months and will allow you to access ongoing meetings directly from a document. Image: Google / Disclosure

Mentions, files and related meetings in real time

Today, you can already index a person to a comment or function within a document - all you have to do is name them directly using the "@" followed by their name. In the coming months, however, Smart Canvas is expected to deliver a smarter version that, in addition to naming a user directly, will allow you to view and select files and meetings related to the person mentioned.

It will even be possible to see if the person is in a meeting and, if relevant to the document being edited, join the meeting with virtually a few clicks.

In addition, this new format will also allow for better integration between related files: for example, if you link one file to another, by hovering over the aforementioned, a preview of it will be displayed on your screen, without you having to access it it directly or change tab / window.

Borderless files, reactions with emojis, new smart templates and to-do lists per person in Docs

Google Docs is expected to gain a new display format in the coming months, which allows you to control the document's borders just by dragging with the mouse. The novelty should be for those who want to work texts in formats other than the A4 standard (vertical sheet).

The idea is to make Docs more versatile when using different devices, accommodating content to any type of screen and simplifying the viewing of tables and special margins. When you are converting a copy of the document to PDF or want to make a print, you can return to the standard format.

In a few months, updating Google Docs (within the Smart Canvas line) will allow you to adjust the size of a document's margins
Borderless Google Docs format will allow you to edit a document from a variety of perspectives and display formats. Image: Google / Disclosure

As a minority, but noteworthy, Smart Canvas will also implement the reaction by emojis in documents shared via Docs in the coming months.

For this week, new table formats will also enter the text editor, such as templates set up for polls. Task lists will also be placed on Google Docs, which will allow you to establish a list of responsibilities to be assigned to each person who participates in that document.

Furthermore, relevant meeting information about that document - including task lists, calendars and meetings - can be converted to Docs, which will copy the design of other company products - such as the Agenda.

Suggested formulas and timeline on Sheets

Sheets will gain a timeline view, assigned to tasks placed on team members. In this way, it will be possible to manage the time dedicated to the responsibilities of each one and optimize the workflow.

Also in the Sheets, analytical formulas will be suggested so that the team can get better insights from the data in a table, increasing the ability to understand data and minimizing errors.

Thanks to Smart Canvas, in a few months, tables built by Sheets will have a timeline view, allowing you to track the progress of your projects
Timeline visualization in Sheets will allow you to track the progress of long-term jobs. Image: Google / Disclosure

Google Chat rooms will allow real-time editing of documents

Changes to Workspaces files will be made in real time during conversations held by Google Chat, allowing the team to interact when the documents need revisions and changes. The novelty is now available for Docs and Sheets, and should arrive at Slides in the coming weeks.

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