During Google I / O 2021, your annual event for developers, Google announced the creation of a new system of artificial intelligence called LaMDA that will make it possible to have more natural conversations with computers.

The name stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications. It is an “Open Domain” system, that is, not restricted to a specific area of knowledge.

Sample conversation using LaMDA. Image: Google
Sample conversation using LaMDA. Image: Google

It makes use of information already known on a subject to “enrich” the conversation in a natural way, always keeping it “open”. In addition, natural language processing is capable of understanding hidden meanings or ambiguity in a human response.

Google demonstrated LaMDA in action in two scenarios. In one, AI pretended to be the dwarf planet Pluto, answering questions from a curious person about what a visit would be like. In another, he pretended to be a plane of paper and answered what were the best and worst experiences in his "life".

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai made a point of stressing that LaMDA is still under development, and may give inappropriate or meaningless responses during a conversation. Still, he emphasizes the potential of the technology, which he says "has the potential to make computing radically more accessible and easier to use".

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