A Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) should resume the production of vaccine against Covid-19 from Oxford / AstraZeneca already next Tuesday (25). The manufacture of the immunizer was suspended on Thursday (20) due to lack of inputs.

The laboratory reported that it consumed the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (IFA) faster than initially planned and did not have time for the next batch of the product to arrive on time. However, on Saturday (22) it is new consignment of inputs expected from China that were anticipated.


After arriving, the IFA needs to go through a defrosting process, therefore, Fiocruz's production should be resumed only on Tuesday. Despite the stoppage, the delivery of doses will not stop and will continue to occur every Friday. Tomorrow, including 5,3 million doses will be delivered to the Ministry of Health.

Fiocruz production

“There is still no forecast that the temporary interruption could impact future deliveries. If there is an impact, it will be evaluated and communicated later on, ”informed the foundation in a statement published by Agência Fiocruz. After being produced, the vaccine takes about 20 days to be delivered to the Ministry. Time is required for quality control. Therefore, deliveries in late May and early June are already guaranteed.

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On Saturday (22), two batches of inputs are expected to arrive in Brazil, which will be sufficient for the production of 12 million doses at Fiocruz, guaranteeing production until the third week of June. Initially, this shipment was scheduled for the 29th, but had its delivery in advance.

Fiocruz's expectation is to start production of the input in Brazil. The last date announced for the start of manufacture was the 15th of May, however, the deadline is now undetermined. An inspection of Anvisa at the factory must authorize the start of the process. The laboratory says that it has already received all the necessary information from AstraZeneca.

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