Another novelty for a busy week in Fortnite. This Thursday (20) the epic Games announced a new pack for the game, entitled “Urban Shadows“. And the best: completely free for players who are able to unlock the items in the attraction.

new pack of fornite urban shadows

There will be several items added to the pack, such as gliders e shields. If you are interested, just enter the game now and try to release the accessories. But don't waste time, as the collection will only be available until June 17th.


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The unlock will be successful after the completion of five tasks. With each challenge, a new item will be released. Players will have no time limit to comply with the missions, which will also be listed in the missions menu for those who want to follow up.

It is important to note that the pack can only be unlocked in the PC, but your rewards can be used on all other platforms.

Another novelty in 'Fortnite' involves the NBA

Also this week, the attraction of Epic Games also announced the new pack in partnership with NBA, with accessories and uniforms from more than 30 teams participating in the current championship hosted by the association. The costumes will be available to Brazilian players on May 31, starting at 21pm.

Fortnite in the NBA
Credits: Disclosure / Epic Games

In addition to the new wardrobe, the update will also feature “Package in the Basket“, In which players will be able to purchase cosmetics:“Gesture Pitch Hook" it's the "Back Rim Accessory".

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