While virtually the entire automotive industry works on ways to electrify vehicles, the Porsche adopts a slightly different path. The Volkswagen Group's subsidiary is working on the development of a new gasoline that, according to the brand, has the potential to be cleaner than the vehicles electrical.

Porsche technology, which has been called eFuel, aims to achieve a reduction of up to 85% in carbon dioxide emissions.


According to assembler, this is the average reduction achieved by electric cars, although this number varies based on where the person lives and what is the source used for the generation of electric energy.

The eFuel generation process uses renewable energy sources to break down hydrogen in the water and then move the compound into a process that results in synthetic gasoline.

For the development of this technology, Porsche has been working in partnership with the oil company Exxon and Siemens Energy to start production of the eFuel.

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