The South Korean group BTS released at 1 am this Friday (21) the video clip of their new music working: “Butter” (butter, in Portuguese). The second song with lyrics in English - the first was “Dynamite” - had 10 million views on YouTube in just 13 minutes. In the first hour there were almost 19 million.

The feat broke the record of 10 million views on YouTube in less time, which belonged to “Dynamite”, music that had 101,1 million views in the first 24 hours.


Until 17:30 this Friday (21), 16 hours and 30 minutes after its launch on the video platform, “Butter” has 87.082.867 views. That is, it has everything to overcome the feat of BTS itself.


RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook are members of the group that has 50 million subscribers on YouTube, 41,8 million followers on Instagram, 35,5 million on Twitter, 33,2 million in the TikTok and 18 million in Facebook.

"Invading your heart / I will melt your heart / Smooth as butter / I have that superstar glow / Wonderful cool eyeshadow / I owe everything to my mother", is one of the excerpts of the lyrics, in free translation, of "Butter".

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BTS planet? Discovery of NASA is associated with K-pop group; understand

In early 2020, NASA revealed to the world that discovered the first planet that has two stars. Named TOI 1338, the discovery was made from observations of the Transition Exoplanet Survey Satellite (Tess). What draws the most attention here is that the exoplanet has a pink tinge, which made fans of the Korean group BTS to relate it to the k-pop idols.

At the time, although impressive, the discovery did not attract much attention from the Internet. However, thanks to three recently shared images, the story has been changed. That's because, looking at the color of the planet, fans of the Korean band BTS pointed out similarities between the exoplanet and the cover of the album 'BTS World'. 

No Twitter, some of them joke that this is not just a coincidence, and that they are packing to leave the Land towards the “planet BTS”. Others seem to take it a little more seriously, sharing screenshots trying to prove "who found the planet first". Check out some posts on the subject.  

Obviously, it is all a joke. In recent years, NASA has proved that it is one of the pioneers in finding new planets and identifying other elements present in the universe. Anyway, the resemblance is quite curious.  

Pink planet 

In a statement published on NASA's official website at the time of the discovery, Wolf Cukier, a scientist at Goddard Space Flight - one of those involved in the project -, comments that, at first glance, he thought that TOI 1338 was just a eclipse stellar. However, it was later discovered that it was a planet.  

The discovery is 1.300 light years away, in the constellation of Pictor, and is the first exoplanet to orbit two stars at the same time. In addition, both orbit each other every 15 days. The strange planet is 6,9 times larger than the Earth. This means that it is approximately the same size as Saturn e Netuno

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