Have you ever thought of having the same name as one of the most famous virtual assistants in the world? Siri Hafso is a tiktoker with just over 500 followers on social network of quick videos and you know what that is. A few days ago the influencer posted a video that went viral for showing the somewhat surprising request she made to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, a company that owns its technology namesake.

In the video, influencer reveals that he sent an email to the CEO of the company founded by Steve Jobs, saying that since 2011 his life has completely changed after the company launched its artificial intelligence called Siri.


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“Hi, Tim, I’ll get straight to the point - I have a favor to ask. See that my name is Siri. Yes, Siri. And until 2011, I was the girl who never managed to find the name on personalized products ”, she started.

In the course of the message, the human Siri reports to Cook that he always had a unique name and that changed completely after Apple launched the virtual assistant. “I was the teenager who knew when the nurses were about to call me because they were looking at the clipboard in confusion without knowing how to pronounce my name. I was the young adult who always heard 'your name is so beautiful and unique!' ”, She wrote.

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In the rest of the e-mail she says she suffered for years with the jokes with her name and finally arrives at her request to Apple: a millionaire compensation for moral damages? No, Siri Hafso asked only for a computer from apple company. The tiktoker also appealed, saying that this is their "only wish".

And the coincidences did not stop there. A user sympathized with Siri Hafso and does she know her name? Alexa, same name as the virtual assistant developed by Amazon. “As Alexa, I fully understand your pain. 'Alexa, turn on the lights', Alexa, how's the weather?', It never ends ”, he lamented.

Tim Cook did not comment on the case of the human Siri, but the support for her to receive the gift from Apple is great.

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