A covid-19 pandemic brought an increase in profit for part of the games industry, which includes some developers and publishers. And one of the games that did very well last year because of that was the 'Grand Theft Auto V ' ('GTA V'), which gained revenue and earned almost $ 1 billion (about R $ 5,3 billion) for Take-Two Interactive, which owns the Rockstar Games.

According to reports for the last fiscal year, the sudden success took the company itself by surprise, which hoped that, after seven years of release, the game would stagnate or begin to show a decline in profits. However, the title continues to present increasing numbers. To get a sense, only 'GTA V' sold 145 million copies, representing 42% of all franchise sales.

'GTA V' gets release date on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Image: Rockstar / Disclosure
'GTA V' promotional art for PS5; version will be released soon. Image: Rockstar / Disclosure

The recent results of the game were such a success that it took Take-Two to a record fiscal year, reaching US $ 3,37 billion (incredible R $ 17 billion) in net revenues in the fiscal year ended in March 2021. Also according to data from the publisher itself, only the 'GTA' franchise was responsible for 29,2% of the company's total revenue, generating US $ 984,9 million (more than R $ 5 billion).

And the ability of 'GTA V' to remain extremely profitable even seven years after its launch occurs, mainly, thanks to the work of Rockstar in online mode. One of the factors that may have also helped the game in the great year was the strategy of the developer, along with epic Games, to distribute the game for free, increasing the player base of the game.

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So, adding free distribution and constant updates with new content, more people entered the online mode of the game, which took advantage and “surfed the wave” of the increase in players due to the pandemic. Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive may not have profited from selling the 'GTA V', of course, but they certainly saw the fruits of it being reversed in microtransactions.

Also according to the data released, the game presented an increase of US $ 267,4 million (more than R $ 1 billion) in revenues, when compared to the previous year. The number may still increase this year, driven mainly by the launch of 'GTA V' for Playstation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series S / X. However, Take-Two guarantees that the expectation is that the gains with the game, in short, start to decrease.

Source: brytfmonline

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