Ellis Tripp, an 11-year-old English boy, was hospitalized in a serious condition in Birmingham, England, after accidentally swallowing five magnetic balls. The child had placed the objects on his tongue to simulate fake piercings, in fulfillment of a challenge from the TikTok social network.

Ellis Tripp with her mother, Amy Clarke. Boy remains hospitalized in serious condition.
Image: Facebook reproduction

According to a report on the Worcester News website, Ellis spent a week complaining of severe stomach pains. When he was taken by his mother to the hospital, he raised suspicions of appendicitis. But, after conducting an examination, doctors were amazed when the objects were magnetically attracted by the magnets in the child's stomach.


The boy still had to undergo a second procedure, which lasted six hours, to remove two remaining containers. At that point, the doctors had to cut two inches from his intestine.

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How is itfake piercing on TikTok

The game that motivated Ellis shows people at TikTok placing a magnetic ball on each side of the tongue, pretending it is a piercing.

“I'm living a nightmare,” said Amy Clarke, the boy's mother, on her social networks. “This TikTok craze could have killed him if it lasted any longer. Talk to your children and tell them how dangerous these magnets are. Magnetic balls are deadly if ingested. Destroy them, ”he warned.

After the event, teachers at Ellis' school found magnetic balls with other students. The boy's family said that he was the fifth child attended at the same hospital, in just one week, with the same picture.

Ellis remains in serious condition at the hospital

According to the website of Correio da Manhã, from Portugal, the child is still hospitalized since last Wednesday (19). Ellis is intubated and the medical team tries to fight a infection caused by intestinal bleeding.

TikTok has been the scene of several dangerous challenges. One of the most emblematic happened in March of this year, when a 12-year-old American teenager died of a brain death after using a string around his neck until he lost consciousness.  

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