Os headphones have become increasingly necessary items, with manufacturers bringing options according to their use in the home office or outside. With that in mind, Anker launched the Soundcore Life Q20, a new bluetooth headphone that has a hybrid price of R $ 699, is it worth the investment?

The Soundcore Life Q20 is a product that seeks to unite the flashy look of gamer headphones, but without the aggressiveness and glaring colors, prioritizing the more daring appearance of a device burly, yet able to cater for casual and corporate use. Available in graphite gray, it follows the same pattern throughout the body, with different colors only on two LEDs - one yellow / green, for the noise cancellation to turn on or start up; and another that alternates between green and blue, symbolizing the connected or paired phone in the Bluetooth connection.


Speaking of noise cancellation, it is one of the flagships of this phone: through a dedicated button on the left pad, you can turn the function on or off. The result of this is greater control over the passage of external sounds, but without compromising the sound experience.

It is worth remembering that, with the resource off, the pillows will still drown out stimuli from outside, but you will still be able to hear, for example, car and bus engines on the streets. Now, when you trigger the cancellation, you can barely hear the sound from your own keyboard - something essential for anyone working in noisier environments.

Sound reproduction brings a reasonable balance when we are talking about songs that prioritize the voice or high tones, but the BassUp technology, mentioned by Anker as a differential, ends up compromising the experience a little bit here: the bass can be too evident in darker songs, drowning out the rest of the instruments. However, she ends up being a great mediator in video calls, preventing the sound of the speaker from coming to the ears too densely - think of the call where the voice seems to be underwater: that, fortunately, does not happen here.

During the video calls, however, came what we consider the first negative point: the built-in microphone is a little distant from the mouth and, perhaps because of that, the sound of your voice ends up coming out a little distant to the listener. Not infrequently, we need to repeat phrases a few times - nothing that would make it impossible to conduct a conversation, but that ended up hindering the fluidity a little.

The Soundcore's ergonomics is also one of its highlights: the bow fits comfortably to the skull, and it is neither too loose to fall if you shake your head, nor too tight to tighten it too much as if it were a pliers. In addition, the side rods bring a more varied level of adjustment than some other brands, facilitating their use by various profiles, from the largest users to the smallest. The pillows also hug the ears ergonomically, without bending or hurting them, in addition to absorbing the sweat resulting from heating.

Speaking of accessories, Anker did not offer anything very different from other manufacturers: except for an exclusive carrying bag, the Soundcore Life Q20 box comes with two cables - an auxiliary (3,5 mm hybrid connector) and a micro USB (for recharging the battery).

Here, the caveat: the auxiliary cable is about the same size as an in-ear phone you use on your smartphone, but the micro USB is just under 30 centimeters, so don't expect to use it connected to a desktop unless the entrance is very close to you. Other than that, the instruction manual and a disclaimer for healthy use of the device complement the package.

Overall, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 has a bolder and more attractive look than some of its competitors, but its operation does not deviate from the standard established by other brands. When mixing the sporty aspect and its hybrid use between games and corporate environments, however, this can be a viable option if you have an intermediate amount of money to invest in an accessory. Are there better options? Yes, but they will also be more expensive. And the worst options barely do half as much as this headphone does, so this may be a good item for you to keep on the radar.

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