Most of the companies Brazilian companies (62,5%) should invest 10% to 30% of the revenues total in digital transformation during 2021, points out a survey carried out by Sambatech and Samba Digital, and which had the support of Unico.

The survey also points out that 44% of small and medium-sized companies with an income of up to R $ 10 million are already implementing a digital transformation strategy. While only 38,9% of companies with revenues equal to or above R $ 1 billion are carrying out the same process.


Also according to the survey, investments by Brazilian companies should be divided between six technologies: analytics (62%), cloud computing (46%), systems architecture (40%), artificial intelligence (38%) and facial biometrics (8%).

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One of the main focuses of the study is to understand how companies positioned themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic and the result shows that 45,7% of them are looking to implement digital strategies, while only 9,6% did not bet on this process. Of all the companies surveyed, 54% are looking for new revenue.

Matheus Magno, coCEO of Sambatech and Samba Digital, said that small companies have greater contact with customers and that their main investments in post-pandemic, due to greater speed in decision making.

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The founder of the companies responsible for the study, Gustavo Caetano, recalled the importance of investing in professionals. “Separating the team by squad allows developers to be together in decision-making and in business. Today, all areas of the company, such as HR and marketing, are undergoing digital transformation, not just the technology area. It is in this way that we start a transformation ”, he said.

The study reports that most companies (36,2%) still have a traditional work model, separating employees between infrastructure, development, support and security. While about 28,7% work with models focused on tribes and squads, 19,1% with squads and DevOps and 16% dividing the team between project and support areas.

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