It is almost impossible to communicate on social media without the use of emojis. To the same extent that operational systems are updated, the faces (and other drawings) also take on new contours. Android 12 is coming, little by little, to us smartphones and takes along almost 400 redesigned emojis.

Some of the changes to the text stickers are very subtle, others are more striking. The website emojigraph highlighted the ones that changed the most and listed all the changes. Mount Fuji, for example, no longer has a reflecting pool reflecting the snowy mountain and the scissors were left without a tip.


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Typically, these updates to the emojis are meant to be more practical or to increase the depth. An interesting change is also that of the syringe figurine.

Before, it contained a bright red liquid and now appears translucent. According to the website Android Authority, it is speculated that this change has an objective: to stimulate the vaccination. The same happened with this emoji on Apple devices.

Furthermore, in times of coronavirus pandemic, the face covered by a mask was also modified. The old version of the emoji shows a slightly sad expression, with the character's eyes down. The new one returns to the same model of Android 10, with the eyes a little happier.

Some changes were bigger (on the gray side, Android 11 emojis and, on the green side, Android 12 beta emojis). Image: Emojigraph / Reproduction

But, a change is quite curious. When looking at the figure representing a cell phone in the picture above, what does it look like? If the previous one actually resembled a smartphone with Android as operational system, the new is very similar to an iPhone.

The updated emojis will be available to Android users as soon as the new version of the operating system arrives on the phone. But, as Google is yet to release the finalized version of the system, some of the figures may return to the previous design or even receive other adjustments.

Street: emojigraph / Android Authority

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