After some time of waiting, this month the feature most expected by WhatsApp users was released: the audio accelerate function. The new technology is very easy and simple to use, and brings a certain relief both for those who end up sending long audios, and for those who receive it, which can shorten the time spent listening to the message.

The feature, which is native and allows you to speed up the reproduction of the voice message by up to two times, was only released for the trial version of WhatsApp Beta. It is now possible to use the tool through the app and also in the web version of the messenger. Follow the tutorial below and learn how to use the novelty.


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How to speed up WhatsApp audio

The tutorial below is valid for WhatsApp on iPhone, Android and WhatsApp Web.

1. Open the app and enter one of the chat chats with the audio you want to hear;

2. Press play to play the audio - you will notice that an option written “1x” will appear next to it, where the photo of the person who sent you the message usually appears. Tap on the “1x” to accelerate the message to the “1,5x” speed;

How to speed up audio on WhatsApp

3. To speed up the audio on WhatsApp a little more, click again on the number, which will now appear at “2x” speed;

How to speed up audio on WhatsApp

4. By clicking again, for the third time, you are able to return to the normal message playback speed, which is “1x”.

In both the WhatsApp app on the iPhone or Android and the WhatsApp Web, the process for accelerating audio is the same. The only difference is that in the web version the numbers are added with a zero: “1,0x” and “2,0x”.


The rival of the blue messenger, Telegram, has had the option of adjusting the audio speed for some time. The feature was one of the most requested by WhatsApp users who, upon realizing that the competitor already had the tool and, taking into account the increase in messages due to the home office, started to migrate to Telegram.

The messenger has gained space and notoriety in recent months and with that WhatsApp faces a race to keep its resources updated, ensuring the leadership and preference of users.

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