AliveCor filed a lawsuit against Apple in the federal court in San Francisco, United States United States, claiming that the Steve Jobs is monopolizing the heart rate technology market for the Apple Watch.

AliveCor is responsible for KardiaBand, a bracelet for Watches from Apple that is able to record an electrocardiogram (ECG) and, through the SmartRhythn app, notify users of irregular heartbeats.

Smart Watch recording a user's heart rate
Apple is sued for heart rate technology monopoly.
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In the complaint, the rival of apple company claims that the change in heart rate algorithms in the watch's operating system makes competitor technologies incompatible. "As it has done several times over the years in other markets, Apple has decided that it would not accept competition on the merits," said AliveCor.

The complaining company also reported that Apple’s actions may pose risks to the health of users. "To gain an unfair competitive advantage, Apple has put the lives of countless AliveCor users at risk."

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AliveCor accused the owner of the Apple Watch of working quietly in the background to copy the function of recording the reports of the ECG of users in the accessory's internal system. In addition to launching a separate exclusive application, which performs heart rate analysis, such as SmartRhythn.

This is not the first time that AliveCor has filed a lawsuit against Apple. In December 2020, the company filed a lawsuit for patent infringement in Texas. At the time, she claimed that Apple infringes three patents that detail detection and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias in wearable devices.

Street: Reuters

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