The Facebook announced this Wednesday (26) new updates for Instagram. One of the highlights is the possibility for the user to decide if he wants to show or hide the number of likes he publishes on the platforms and, apparently, the resource has already reached some accounts of the darling network of bloggers.

Therefore, we prepared this tutorial to help you configure the new functionality.


First of all: for you who have not yet been able to access the new hardware, stay calm! The update should happen gradually. On Facebook, according to a statement issued by , controls are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

But for those who are already enjoying the update, let's get to it:

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How to hide likes on Instagram?

There are different ways to be able to hide likes on the social network. In the first two, you have customized options for hiding publication numbers. The last alternative is only valid to hide or not the view of other accounts.

1. You can hide the number of likes and views for a publication before posting it by clicking on “Advanced Settings”. The option is at the bottom of the display, on the page where you add the caption in the photo. Just click and activate the selector switch;

2. In the second option, you can hide the likes by accessing your photo in the feed, clicking on the three dots on the upper right side of the screen and selecting “Hide number of likes”. The action can be undone at any time, even if you have configured the configuration at the time of posting;

3. On the third and last one, access Instagram “Settings” by clicking on the three bars on the right side of the profile. Then, tap on “Privacy”, then on “Publications” and activate the selector key to hide the number of likes and views of publications from other accounts that you follow. This control is only for posts that appear in your feed.

According to the test of the Olhar Digital, unfortunately you are not able to automatically hide all likes from previous posts in your profile, so you need to do the configuration manually. On new posts, the resource is automatically saved, following the preference of the last post.

Facebook's goal in integrating functionality into the network is to give people flexibility and freedom of choice. In 2019, the likes counts were generally hidden on Instagram and only visible by the owners of the profiles. The aim was to reduce the climate of competitiveness among followers and to loosen the pressure and demands that people made on themselves, having a negative emotional impact.

However, the company's study revealed that not seeing the counts was beneficial for some at the same time that it displeased others, who depend on the result of a publication to understand what is trending or not, in order to create content.

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