A little over a week away from its debut, 'Loki' won a new promotional video released by The Marvel movies on your social networks. The preview, of a few seconds, shows the character played by Tom Hiddleston in different situations and different costumes. O teaser it also brings the phrase “Mischief is unpredictable”, which can be adapted to Portuguese as “The cheat is unpredictable”. The series comes to Disney + on June 9th. Check out:

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The series promises to show what happened to Loki after managing to steal the Tesseract during the events of 'Avengers: Ultimatum', in which the heroes, on a journey into the past, accidentally let the artifact fall into the villain's hands. The incident ends up turning Loki into a kind of temporal anomaly, as the character had died in the previous movie, 'Avengers: Infinite War'.

This Loki, who came straight from the 2012 battle of 'The Avengers', is owned by Time Variance Authority (Temporal Variation Authority), an organization that monitors time and space. The “Deus de Trapaça”, then, is intimidated into working in the service of the AVT in the mission of correcting the timeline, otherwise, it will be eliminated from existence. The person responsible for giving the coordinates to Loki in this task is the temporal agent Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson).

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Beyond Tom Hiddleston e Owen Wilson, Loki's cast has Gray Gray ('The Morning Show'), Sophia di Martino ('Yesterday') and Richard E. Grant ('Could You Forgive Me?'). The series is developed by Michael Waldron ('Rick And Morty'), directed by Kate Herron ('Sex Education'). 'Loki' will follow the same format as 'Hawk and the Winter Soldier', with six episodes lasting between 40 and 50 minutes. See the trailer:

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