The merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery it has not yet been completed, but two companies have already agreed on the name that the conglomerate will have. And, well, it's not exactly surprising: Warner Bros. Discovery. The information was revealed during a presentation to employees on Tuesday.

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The disclosure of the name was also accompanied by the new company logo, which brings the slogan “The stuff that dreams are made”. The excerpt can be translated as “The raw material of dreams” and is a line present in 'The Maltese Falcon: macabre relic' (1941), classic black Warner starring Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor.

HBO Max promotional image with several characters from the company's productions.
About to arrive in Brazil, the HBO Max streaming service is expected to undergo changes after the merger. Credit: Warner/Disclosure

The phrase referring to the film, in addition to showing that the new company already carries a tradition of decades, can also convey the message that cinema remains a priority in the company. After all, Warner's genesis is in showing films: the business began in 1903, when the four Warner brothers opened a movie theater in New Castle, Pennsylvania (USA).

Anyway, what will head the new company is precisely the current CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav, in the position since 2007, and not the current president of WarnerMedia, Jason Kilar. It was precisely Zaslav who revealed the name and slogan resulting from the merger.

Returns Warner Bros., exits WarnerMedia

During the presentation, Zaslav also emphasized the brand's history and tradition and commented on the emphasis on the Warner Bros. name. at the expense of WarnerMedia. “We think we should represent who we really are. And who are we?” he said, adding that this thought was related to Warner Brothers.

“This is where the best and the brightest come to tell their stories, so we wanted to bring the 'Brothers' back,” he commented.

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