The Ministry of Health of Israel informed this Wednesday (2) that it will start next week the vaccination against a Covid-19 in children aged 12 to 15 years. According to a local newspaper, immunization for this age group will not be mandatory.

According to what was released by the Israeli press, the immunization will start with children who are likely to develop the most severe form of disease and then those who live in the same household as people in similar conditions will be vaccinated.

Next week Israel will start vaccinating children from 12 years old.
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Families wishing to travel abroad will also be included in the Israeli vaccination plan. Children who do not fit into the priority groups may be vaccinated soon.

Despite already expecting the vaccination of children to start as early as next week, the local health agency did not provide an exact date for the feat. So far, Israel's Health Ministry Director General Chezy Levy is known to be talking to health management organizations to structure the best way to launch the new campaign.

After a meeting between health authorities in the country, the local channel Channel 12 News reported that the new phase of vaccination would begin this Sunday (6).

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Israeli scientists say they have created 100% effective medicine against severe cases of Covid-19

Os Israeli scientists claim to have created a drug that is 100% effective in tests against severe cases of Covid-19. According to the group, which belongs to the biotechnology company Bonus BioGroup, the 10 patients who were treated with the drug left the hospital. The average was one day after starting treatment and they were aged between 45 and 75 years, in addition to the majority with comorbidities.

The new drug was called MesenCure and is composed of stem cells, which are derived from adipose tissue from healthy donors, transmitted to patients by blood transfusion. In addition, the company said it helps: to reduce lung inflammation, promote lung tissue regeneration and relieve respiratory symptoms caused by Covid-19.

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