Besides Covid-19, India is suffering from a crisis of mucormycosis, also known as “black fungus”. However, the two things may be related, as some treatment recommendations against Coronavirus in the Asian country may contribute to the increase in the fungus.

One of the elements that help in the proliferation of the “black fungus” is the misuse of steroids and antibiotics, which reduce the body's ability to fight fungal infections (which has been happening in India). Indians are making indiscriminate use of these drugs in an attempt to gain protection against Covid-19.


“Black Fungus” in India

The country still suffers from a lack of Amphotericin B, a basic medicine to fight mucormycosis. The population even went to court to get the medicine. The “black fungus” is growing exponentially in India, having reached almost 12 patients with Covid-19 in the country. A healthy immune system can usually deal with the fungus without symptoms appearing.

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However, vulnerable patients because of the treatment against the coronavirus, they are more likely to be infected by the pathogen, which kills more than 50% of those affected. In addition to the Coronavirus, other factors can influence the infection by the pathogen, such as diabetes, being a carrier of onco-hematological diseases (such as leukemia) and even using corticosteroids in high doses. 

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