A writer feminist and former Bill Clinton political adviser Naomi Wolf was banned from the Twitter after spreading anti-vaccination disinformation on the social network. Information is from BBC News.

In the tweet, the American stated that the vaccines would be a kind of “uploadable software platform” and what “the best way to show respect for professionals in health, if you're healthy and under 65, it's socializing sensibly and exposing yourself to a low level of viral load.”


The writer also compared Dr. Anthony Fauci, immunologist and Covid-19's top advisor in the United States, to the devil.

In another recent tweet, she said that “vaccinated people's urine and faeces” should be separated from general sewage until they know how it might affect the drinking water supply. Furthermore, according to the tabloid The Guardian, during a US Congressional Committee, she also stated that passports for the vaccinated "would recreate a very familiar situation" that would result in "the beginning of many, many genocides."

For many Twitter users, the decision was the most sensible and came at a good time. For Steve Silberman, an award-winning journalist and autism historian, the journalist's posts are the worst he's ever seen.

“I've read vile anti-vaccination propaganda for 20 years, and Wolf's claims are the most exaggerated and delusional I've ever seen,” wrote the writer.

Likewise, many criticized, claiming that the measure violates freedom of expression. But, according to Twitter, the suspension is permanent and no appeals will be allowed.

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Who is Naomi Wolf?

Naomi Wolf, who is a feminist, became known after the release of her best-seller 'The Myth of Beauty', which criticized various social standards imposed on women in society. The book was published in 1990 and has become one of the best sellers in the world.

However, rumors of the author's exaggeration and sloppiness with the use of data always hung in the air. Now, with the author's latest denial and anti-vaccine testimony, a large part of her audience has been disappointed.

In his most recent work, “Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love”, from 2019, which addresses the criminalization of homophobia in England, the release was even canceled by the publisher after a BBC presenter and historian pointed out serious errors interpretation of data during an interview.

With that, the statistics about women with anorexia in the United States, which appear in her book 'Myth of Beauty', were also put into question. However, the book was an important initial tool for the acceptance of the body, being considered the kick off of the 3rd wave of feminism in the world and serving as an inspiration for many women.

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