During WWDC21, its annual developer conference, the Apple announced the new watchOS 8, operating system used in its smartwatch. The main software updates are focused on health, with a focus on 'mindfulness', or mindfulness, in Portuguese.

The 'Breath' app for breathing has changed its name and is now called 'Mindfulness'. A new animation is intended to help the user stay centered and calm down, as well as the 'Reflect' function, so that they can think of positive things in order to reduce stress.


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In addition, watchOS gains new levels for measuring respiration. If something out of the ordinary happens while the user sleeps, for example, he will receive an alert in the iPhone's health app. The watch uses a built-in accelerometer to measure breathing rate during sleep.

When it comes to fitness, two new modalities have been added: pilates and t'ai chi. Both physical activities feature custom heart rate and movement algorithms to provide more specific metrics.

Visually, users can now add photos of their loved ones as a smartwatch face. They can be customized to be in front of or behind the clock, for example, and there is depth when the images used were taken using portrait mode.

It is now possible to search for photos to share by message. Image: Apple/Disclosure

There was also a simplification to share images via the gadget, via messages or email, with a search and quick access to photos. In messages, it will be possible to add emojis through 'Scribble' when the user manually writes the text. Through messages it is still possible to share music.

The search for Apple devices also received an update on the smart watch operating system, by 'Find My'. The smartwatch will also show the possibility of rain in the next hour and will now be able to place several timers.

The Home app was redesigned in watchOS 8. For those who have the HomeKit with camera enabled, it is possible to see who is in the direct port of the Apple Watch. He can even send messages around the house via HomePod, HomePod mini and personal devices.

This Monday (7) news will be available to developers first. The general public will be able to upgrade to the new watchOS 8 in the fall of the Northern Hemisphere, spring in the Southern Hemisphere, this year, but a beta version will be available in July.

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