An inexhaustible formula of cinema, the narrative of the solitary figure who goes out in search of revenge has countless examples and is experiencing a good moment today, see the success of 'John Wick' and the like. THE Netflix it also seems to seek its place in the sun with the genre, in the recently announced 'Kate', starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film had its release date confirmed: September 10th. Check out the teaser, revealed during the event Geeked week.

The synopsis released so far reveals that Winstead is Kate, a cruel criminal who is irreversibly poisoned and has just under 24 hours to live. In this short space of time, she goes after her murderer and his enemies, seeking revenge, through the streets of Tokyo. This journey, however, is not only made up of violence, as Kate ends up creating an unexpected bond with Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau), the daughter of one of her victims.


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Announced in 2019, 'Kate' is the first action film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The Actress emerged in the role of Ramona Flowers in 'Scott Pilgrim Against the World' (2010) and, more recently, played the Huntress in 'Birds of Prey: Alerquina and Her Fantabulous Emancipation' (2020).

Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) second a gun while the girl Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau) is behind.
Film is the first of the action genre starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Credit: Netflix/Disclosure

Netflix's production is directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, who has a single released feature film on his resume, 'The Huntsman and the Ice Queen' (2016). Screenwriter Umair Aleem also has only one feature on his resume, 'Operation Rescue' (2016). In addition to Elizabeth Winstead, the cast features Gemma Brooke Allen, playing the young Kate, and Woody Harrelson (Venon: Time for Carnage).

The film is one of numerous titles announced by Netflix earlier this year. The streaming platform promised, by the end of 2021, at least one release of its own per week.

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