Those who usually do physical exercise understand well how sometimes the use of a SmartWatch on the wrist may be uncomfortable during some activities. This nuisance may cease to exist thanks to a creation by Samsung: a screen OLED which is basically a skin patch and works as a fitness tracker.

The flexible display was created by researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). The extendable OLED can be attached to the wrist to provide users' fitness information. The screen is integrated with a PPG heart rate sensor.


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The developers tested the device on the inside of the wrist, close to the radial artery. In this part of the arm, they were able to confirm that wrist movement does not deteriorate the fabric. The OLED, in the test, remained reliable even with skin stretching up to 30%.

The display also keeps working stably even after being stretched a thousand times. In addition to physical exercise, the patch can be used to measure biometric data during sleep and there is no need to connect to another device to view the information.

The device has been tested on the inner region of the wrist. Images: Samsung/Disclosure

To arrive at this OLED screen, Samsung's team of researchers modified the composition and structure of the elastomer, a polymer composite, and used existing semiconductor manufacturing processes. This has been applied to extendable OLED display substrates and optical blood flow sensors.

The South Korean company claims that this technology is the first in the industry. "The technology can also be expanded for use in products of health, wearables for adults, children and infants, as well as patients with certain diseases,” explained Youngjun Yun, principal investigator of the project.

Samsung plans to commercialize the technology in the company's future wearables, wearables. But because the research is still in its early stages, developers say the technology will only be commercialized when the screen has a higher resolution, more elasticity and measurement accuracy to a level where mass production is possible.

Street: Android Authority

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