The recent fever of using the Voila Al Artist app called into question the limits on online privacy terms and the use of facial recognition technology. Turning selfies into 3D drawings, the drawings boomed on social networks in recent days, just a year after the Faceapp and the hashtag faceappchallenge have gained millions of users.

Now, specialists from Kaspersky, an international cybersecurity and digital privacy company, are warning of the possible use of personal data from Internet users.  


Although the game is harmless, some precautions must be taken to prevent Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition from causing any problem for anyone who gets into the mood. According to Kaspersky professionals, there is a positive sign: the application has its own monetization system, a fact that avoids a possible commercial interest.

But it is necessary to be cautious when disclosing the image itself, especially for those who use the facial recognition when accessing Internet Banking or unlocking your cell phone. 

Risks when using Voilá Al Artist 

Although reputable companies are committed to using the users' image, the data provided in these seemingly harmless games can hide attacks from hackers. That's because the information is stored on third-party servers and is processed in the cloud.

“Once the images become the company's, it is the company that has the responsibility to protect them and ensure that cybercriminals will not have access to the database”, explains Fabio Assolini, senior security analyst at Kaspersky in Brazil.

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As Brazilians are increasingly concerned about keeping personal information confidential, it is very important to follow some basic rules of online security.      

Kaspersky experts warn of the possible use of Internet users' personal data by cybercriminals who take advantage of applications such as Voilá AI Artist. Image: song_about_summer / Shutterstock

Note the company name 

Cybercriminals often build similar applications to steal users' data. To prevent this from happening, you should pay close attention to the name of the company, always downloading it from official stores. 

Read the privacy statement 

Another valuable tip is to read the privacy statement and the respective permissions in the installation process so you can find out what information the app will have access to. 

Treat face recognition as a password 

Awareness should always come into play when you use these apps. Treat facial recognition as a password, that is, it takes great care to allow this tool to be used in multiple places.

So always be suspicious and never download apps that might sound like a scam. Thus, play will hardly turn into a serious problem.

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