A 100GB text file shared on a forum. hackers exposed more than 8,4 billion passwords on the internet. This leak is considered the largest in history, according to experts in the field of security cybernetics.

When the data leaked, the responsible claimed to have 8,2 billion passwords available. But he ended up correcting the number to 8,4 billion. The case is called 'RockYou2021', according to the website specializing in cybersecurity Cyber ​​News. The name is a reference to 'RockYou' from 2009, which exposed 'only' 32 million passwords.


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Not all data, however, is new. These codes have been gathered in recent years, bringing together previous leak data. The exposed passwords are between six and 20 characters long. Still according to Cyber ​​News, there are no blank spaces, nor ASCII, unified computer language.

Before this new leakage, the biggest was the Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB), in February of this year, with 3,2 billion passwords exposed. It is suspected that the current list serves as a “dictionary” to facilitate attacks.

Never use birthdays as a password. Image: iStock

The password file castings it can contain data from all users in the world, since, of the total population of the globe, 4,7 billion people use the internet. As such, the list contains almost twice as much, and it is recommended that users be sure to review their passwords.

Ideally, all passwords should be updated. It is also worth remembering the main tips when choosing, how to use at least eight characters, with combinations between numbers, upper and lower case letters and special characters.

Always avoid using birthdays, yours or family and friends, as well as people's names. It is also important to enable XNUMX-step verification on the accounts that make the configuration available.

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