the style of photos in negative is old, but the possibility to apply it simply and easily, through applications through cell, is relatively new. PicsArt, for example, is one of those apps that offer the option of editing to make the photo look 'burned', something that has become 'vintage' and is widely used on social media not only for images, but also for videos .

O Whatsapp is one of the best known photo services, having 126 downloads on the App Store. The software also offers other filters that are much sought after by those who like to 'up' the photo, such as the HDR effect.


The program, it is noteworthy, is also compatible with Android devices. Next, we made a step by step to teach you how to apply the effect using PicsArt.

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How to use PicsArt to negatively affect photos

1. Open the app, click the center '+' icon and select the photo you want to edit;

2. Then click on “Effects” and tap on the “Colors” tab;

3. Search for the “Negative” effect and click on it. To save, press “Apply” and then “Next”;

4. Then click “Save” to download the photo to your device or, if you prefer, click “Post”, add a hashtag and post to social media directly from the app.

Ready! Now you know how to leave your photos in negative and can have fun with the result. It is noteworthy that, after saving the image, the editing cannot be undone.

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