Being without internet irritates anyone, mainly because the slowness in network it happens when we most need the service, which for some means the very manifestation of 'Murphy's Law'. On the other hand, the tech can help to identify the connection speed through the ping test, avoiding inconveniences and failures in the attempt to carry out activities that require high connection.

What is ping testing?


Test and ping is an assessment that measures the round-trip time of data transmission between your device and the server. Measuring ping – also known as latency – can be very useful when we need to be sure of the internet's efficiency to perform any activity on the cell phone, especially those that will require more from the network, such as updating software, using GPS or playing online games.

The test is measured in milliseconds (ms) and you need to download specialized apps to track and count speed on your smartphone. The higher the ping value, the slower the internet connection, and the lower the result numbers, the more efficient the connection.

There are several options for apps to measure the speed of devices, among the best known are Speedtest and Fast Speed, both available for Android and iOS. A curiosity is that Fast Speed ​​is developed by Netflix and both it and Speedtest are free.

For our tutorial we'll use Fast Speed ​​on an iPhone 7. Keep up!

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How to measure mobile internet speed?

1. After downloading, as soon as you open the app, it will indicate the number that corresponds to the internet speed, whether on 4G or WiFi. If you want detailed information, just click on “More info”. To retake the test, tap the little arrow that forms a circle.

The ideal ping, especially for those who play online, is 30 ms, and it can reach 5 ms without compromising the connection so much. The rate from 100 ms starts to affect the entire navigation.

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