A The Boring Company, Elon Musk's startup for fast urban transport, officially started transporting passengers through the double tunnels that he built under the city of Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). The first official passengers of the system, dubbed LVCC Loop, were the fair participants World of Concrete, which started on June 8th.

The international convention focused on the commercial construction industries is the first major event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center since the beginning of covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) also took the opportunity to inaugurate the newly built West Wing (West Hall) from the convention center. Currently, the LVCC Loop is connecting the new expansion with the central sectors (central hall) and south of campus (South Stall).

Elon Musk Tunnels
Tesla's autonomous electric vehicles travel at high speed between stations to transport people. Image: Reproduction/The Boring Company Website

before the fair World of Concrete, The Boring Company conducted test drives No. LVCC Loop that pleased the audienceBut not the press. According to the CEO and president of LVCVA, Steve Hill, the capacity of the tunnel system exceeded 4.400 passengers per hour, which left the agency “happy with the results”. Also according to him, the Elon Musk startup project could reach up to 5.050 people per hour in the future.

And according to the LVCC Loop begins to operate, another tunneling project in the “city of sin”, called Vegas Loop, is getting attention. Marc Badain, President of the Raiders - team that plays the National Football League (NFL) - he told the newspaper Las Vegas Review which is ready to receive a tunnel station that connects the public to the football team's new stadium, the Allegiant stadium – which cost an impressive $2 billion (about R$10 billion).

Elon Musk Tunnels in Las Vegas were officially released. Image: Reproduction/Teslarati
Elon Musk Tunnels in Las Vegas were officially released. Image: Reproduction/Teslarati

“So they [Elon Musk and the The Boring Company] are ready to tell us where they want to place the station, let's make room,” Badain told the newspaper. "I think it really depends on how the tunnels connect to the [Avenue Las Vegas] Strip, the airport and the community where they're building the whole system."

In December 2020, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved the request for a “Special Use Permit” for the Vegas Loop, a project that expands the tunnel system with the aim of finally connecting the entire city.

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The system Las Vegas Convention Center Loop (LVCC Loop), which cost US$ 52,5 million (about R$ 278 million) and took more than a year to complete, consists of tunnels in which the electric vehicles (and in the future self-employed) of Tesla they travel at high speed between stations to transport people around the city.

The project has excavations 12m deep, 2,4km long and three stops for now. The goal is for the system to connect all of Las Vegas, with tunnels to the local airport and/or the city center filled with casinos and resorts, at an impressive speed of 241 km/h.

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Passengers can use the LVCC Loop from three distinct price ranges, which vary between US $ 5 (R $ 28,46, in direct conversion) to US $ 10 (R $ 56,89).

Source: Teslarati

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