Yes, it wasn't just you who felt an unusual slowdown on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram this Wednesday (9). The three social networks, all run by Mark Zuckerberg, showed instability and went down. Some users pointed at Twitter that applications are slow and that their web versions won't load.

According to the Downdetector platform, the biggest peak of WhatsApp complaints was around 19h with instability and problems loading audios and messages. On Instagram and Facebook, it was difficult to update the feed and receive any notifications.


The site that gathers complaints about internet services registered a spike related to WhatsApp involving just over 5 notifications.

It didn't take long for the situation to become a meme on Twitter, as internet users took advantage of the situation to question whether social networks had really gone down or if it was an internet connection problem.

People from all over the world commented on the instability and crash of apps. Some users were able to continue using the apps as normal, reporting only a slight delay in sending messages and posting photos.

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