O Facebook plans to launch a smartwatch next summer in the Northern Hemisphere, ie mid-2022. smart watch Mark Zuckerberg must have two cameras to capture video without a cell phone nearby and a heart rate monitor.

The company does not publicly confirm the release and the information was released by the US website The Verge. The device's screen can be removed from the wrist for camera use. Images made will be able to be shared with Facebook apps, including Instagram.


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The front camera of the gadget will be aimed mainly at video calls. The rear lens will have auto focus and 1080p recording. Still according to the The Verge, Facebook called on other companies to create accessories to attach this part with the camera to backpacks, for example.

Part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's plan is for users to use the watch in the same way that smartphones are used today. He also wants to create more devices to face Apple and Google, which basically control Facebook's ability to reach people.

To arrive at the smart watch, the company works with major US mobile operators to be able to support LTE connectivity. This way, the device does not need to be paired with a cell phone to work.

Facebook smartwatch must be sold in white, black and gold. The idea of ​​Zuckerberg's company is to initially sell hundreds of thousands of parts, a small share of the market. THE Apple, for example, sold 34 million watches in 2020.

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch sold 34 million units in 2020. Image: Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock

In future versions, Facebook wearables are expected to serve as a gateway to planned augmented reality glasses. Even without the first model on the market, the company is already thinking about the second and third generations for the coming years. For now, it is estimated that the suggested price is US$ 400 (R$ 2.025, in the quotation this Wednesday, 9).

Zuckerberg, however, can still discard the watch, as the device has neither gone into mass production nor been given an official name. After all, Facebook doesn't have a good record with hardware, like its 2013 cell phone, partnered with HTC, which was a sales failure.

Street: The Verge

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