This Thursday there will be a “annular eclipse” of the Sun, a phenomenon that for a few minutes produces a beautiful “ring of fire” in the heaven.

The event will be visible from northern Canada to eastern Siberia, passing through Greenland and the Arctic Sea. Residents of large cities in the northern hemisphere will also be able to partially observe the phenomenon to the naked eye.


But that doesn't mean that we Brazilians are left out. We will be able to follow the eclipse through free online broadcasts.

One of them is the Space Agency of United States, NASA, which will start at 6:XNUMX am on Thursday. Two other broadcasts will be carried out by the Virtual Telescope Project and Time and Date. All can be accessed via YouTube.

Each broadcast will show the eclipse from different viewpoints. The one that will display the complete ring of fire is Time and Date, which starts at 6 am. The maximum point must occur at 7 hours and 41 minutes. Be sure to follow along, as the phenomenon will be the last of its kind, in 2021.

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