Security has become a key feature in vehicle management apps (apps) that major automakers use, such as Tesla, GM and Volkswagen. Not to be outdone, Ford brought an intruder detection feature to FordPass. The system - baptized as "Security Alert” – is being implemented in the brand's connected cars for the first time.

And how it works? Once activated, the feature sends a push notification to the vehicle owner's smartphone if it senses an improper entry, including multiple attempts to open the doors or even with a key. Ford says the latter is particularly useful in identifying attempts to access the car using a cloned or stolen key.


That is, the new system can simply alert you if the car alarm goes off, whether you are near or farther away (cSee how SecuriAlert works in the video above). If SecuriAlert is activated, FordPass will show the time and reason for the activity, along with the last recorded location of the vehicle.

Also according to Ford, the system must be activated whenever you are away from the car and must be deactivated when you return to the vehicle.

“Whether it's left on the street at night or in a parking lot while shopping, we know our customers care about the safety of their car and its contents. SecuriAlert builds on Ford's growing connectivity ecosystem to empower owners with the knowledge that if something happens to their vehicle when they're not driving it, they'll be the first to know,” said Richard Bunn, Ford Mobility department executive to the press, in a note.

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SecuriAlert is now available to all Ford owners as part of the FordPass Connected Resource Pack, made available to customers free of charge from models released in 2019.

Source: engadget

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